Join Philita Jana for the DesktoBikini™ workouts and get fit – even at your desk!
Join Philita Jana for the DesktoBikini™ workouts and get fit – even at your desk!

Join Philita Jana for the DesktoBikini™ workouts and get fit – even at your desk!

Join my community of desk to bikini girls. Workout from anywhere, shrink your waist, and feel energized 24/7!

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Desk Workouts
Desk Workouts

Too busy for the gym? No problem! Workout at your desk, some moves are so discrete, no one will know!

Workout anywhere
Workout anywhere

Whether you at home or traveling, these workouts are designed to get fit anywhere home is!

Shrink your waist
Shrink your waist

Sitting long periods of time leads to weight gain, learn how to lose weight despite a sedentary lifestyle.

Feel energized 24/7
Feel energized 24/7

A benefit is the energy and vitality you will gain enabling you to do more of the things you want with life!

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Desk or home workouts – and what body parts you want to target.

Desk Workouts Series

Moves you can do without ever leaving your desk!

Home Workouts Series

Workouts you can do in your living room without going to the gym!

AB Workouts - In the Home Series

AB workouts to help strengthen your core!

HIIT - In the Home Series

HIIT workouts to burn fat and accelerate progress!

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"Hi! My name is Jillian and I’m from Bellevue Nebraska.  I have worked a desk job for over 20 years for 8-12 hrs a day.  I’ve been 100% work from home since the pandemic.    

Working from home, I noticed my energy declining, the stiff necks, and sore back. I would clock out and just be tired, often just making dinner and then sitting on my couch to watch TV.  My fitness was at an all time low.  A little over a year ago, I was scrolling on TikTok and came across Philita’s Desk to Bikini workouts and I was intrigued.  It was something that I hadn’t thought of doing. What I love about Philita’s desk workouts is they’re quick, easy, and honestly enjoyable.  I like that there’s no super expensive equipment you have to buy.  Many of her desk exercises require no equipment, others just a resistance band or a dumb bell. When my smart watch goes off, telling me its time to move, I do a few of the movements Philita demonstrates in her videos.


Just these simple movements throughout a long shift of sitting at a desk have helped me not feel like such a slug when I clock out at the end of the day.  I have a  lot more energy. My back doesn’t kill me after a long day.  My neck is not stiff from sitting there. These are movements you can do anytime.  Sitting on your couch? Waiting for your lunch to finish cooking? You can do them!  I can say from the bottom of my heart “Thank you Philita!  I absolutely love your mini work outs!”


I found the Desk to Bikini Workouts through TikTok and they have become a staple in my routine. The small changes have helped me lose a few pounds and feel energized again! I do not have time to spend hours in the gym. If you are looking for the same results, I recommend the Desk to Bikini workouts!

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